BlackBerry Torch 9800 – 6 Multimedia Options That Are Great

Many cell phones are designed with a variety of features and options. You can pick and choose from any one of them to help aid in your decision of purchasing one. AT&T is no stranger to this concept and they have packed a number of multimedia functions in the BlackBerry Torch 9800:

1. Web Browsing – The BlackBerry Torch 9800 allows you to surf multiple web pages at once. Simply open a new tab, enter the new web address and then tap go. Its as easy as that. You can also perform things like copying and pasting, changing your homepage, and pinching your fingers for the zoom feature on the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

2. Music – The BlackBerry Torch 9800 makes it easy to select and play media files. Since this phone uses a touch screen interface, there will be a lot of tapping to make things work. Simply open the media folder and just tap on the file you want to play. Once the file is playing, the interface itself is pretty self-explanatory for volume control and pausing the file on the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

3. Ring Tones – Ah yes, we all know about them and they come in many types of sounds including short song samples or simply a dog barking. The BlackBerry Torch 9800 enables you to do things like uploading, changing, or setting your ring tone for any of your friends. The only hard part is choosing which of your ring tones sounds better than your friends on your BlackBerry Torch 9800.

4. Camera and Photos – For that “Kodak moment” this phone allows for you to capture photographs at anytime. You can take pictures, set the picture sizes, share photos, view slideshow’s, and set any photo for your contacts. The BlackBerry Torch 9800 has pulled out all the stops for this one.

5. Video – You can record or watch video on the Torch 9800 and store them as files in the media folder. With the battery that this phone comes with, you have enough power to record for 6 hours straight if you wanted. Navigating the interface is fairly easy too.

6. Podcasts – Exploring through podcasts has never been easier. You can do it by category or tap through featured podcasts that are available. If you haven’t found what you are looking for then you can tap in a manual search to play what you want.

Online University Reviews Guide For Higher Education

Online degree programs offered by American Universities and colleges are being pursued by students from within United States and abroad. These degree programs are high in content value and recognized worldwide. Most of these online courses are as valuable as any classroom studies and involves considerable homework and assignments. Online group discussions help is developing teamwork and leadership qualities. Before getting involved in this serious affair, one needs to be very sure of the shortlisted online university. Online University Reviews are a sure way of knowing about the institute inside out as these are provided by students who have experienced life there.

Before starting on with the research of online reviews, one must know the parameters to evaluate the online university on. These are:

1. Accreditation of the online university is a must. With proper accreditation of the school, you can be sure of getting quality education and hence nice employment offers after successful completion of the course.
2. The placement assistance provided by the university is another very important aspect as this determines a bright and safe future. With a placement offer in hand from campus after the course completion, makes life relatively easy for people.
3. The facilities provided by the school are equally important as this makes learning a comfortable experience.
4. Costing is another major parameter. There are some universities that provide equally good education at a comparatively less cost. This must be researched thoroughly.

Now read on the reviews on some prestigious online universities.

Columbia Southern University (CSU) offers online Bachelor, Maters and Doctoral degrees in Fire Science, Criminal Justice Administration, Business, Environmental Management and Occupational, Safety and Health. On a scale 1 to 10, the overall rating of Columbia Southern University is 9.14, its teachers have been rated 8.75, the institution 9, materials 8.84, support 9.07 and value 9.29. CSU online degree courses are laid out in a convenient format for timely completion. These online courses of CSU are comparatively cheaper than other distant learning courses. Columbia Southern University however lacks in prompt correspondences and replies.

Seton Hall University (SUH) offers online degree courses in Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Health Systems Administration, School Counseling, and Strategic Communication and leadership. SUH on a scale of 1 to10 is rated 9.23 on overall performance. Their teachers are marked 9, their materials 8.8, and support 9.13. SHU’s institution is marked 9.2 and its value rated 9.1. The online degree courses of Seton Hall University are value based and thorough. Their online programs are as valuable and rigorous as their classroom programs. Self-discipline, leadership and team work are the basic human values nurtured at SUH.

Norwich University provides online Masters Degree courses in Information Assurance, Business Administration, Military History, Civil Engineering, and Justice Administration. On a scale of 1 to 10, the overall rating of Norwich University is 9.07. The institution is rated 9.28, its teachers 8.48, materials provided 8.52, support 9.35 and value 8.98. The study programs are thorough and require considerable involvement. Assignments set are tough and time consuming. Online discussions and team projects are fun and educative at the same time.

American Military University (AMU) established in 1993 offers online Bachelors degree programs in Environmental Studies, Information Technology Management, Transportation and Logistics Management, American Military History, Legal Studies, Intelligence Studies, and Homeland Security. Online Masters are offered in Security Management, and History. AMU in a rating scale of 1 to 10 is rated 8.6 in overall. The institution rating is 8.31 while teachers are rated 8.49. Support services of AMU is rated 8.29, materials supplied 8.46, and value rating is 8.71.

Culinary Arts From Greece

So you want to impress your friends and family with what you cook or you just love to cook and you want to work in this field? Then a culinary art school is perfect for you.

You will learn how to prepare even the fanciest foods or how to make any food perfect and tasty. Why not try the culinary art of Greece? Besides philosophers, Greece also has an incredible cuisine that will impress everybody: tzatziki sauce, souvlaki, olive oil, pasta soup and feta cheese; these are just a few of the dishes that characterize the Greece cuisine. Many people go to Greece and when they come back, they want to share with their families the culinary tradition from Greece but most of them do not know how to cook.

Greeks usually like to celebrate by eating and drinking special food and wine with their family and friends. They do not like taking care only of their body, the mind is important too and before any celebration, they have carnivals where the spiritual atmosphere is completed by the smell of good food.

Weddings are nothing without koufeta and almond candies; even at funerals they like to drink good wine and eat koliva.

As we can see, the culinary art is very important in Greece but people there like to eat all natural so knowing how to cook Greek food will help you have a healthy lifestyle too.
The most frequently used ingredients are: cereals, vegetables, olive oil, beans, fish, meat and everything natural and healthy.

To help the digestion you can learn how to prepare tzatziki and eat it like Greeks between meals. Tzatziki is made of fat yogurt, garlic and cucumber and it is a great help for digestion. It is also an amazing treatment for people who suffer from stomach problems.
Learning Greece culinary arts will improve the way you live and eat. Maybe your family is tired of the same food everyday, maybe you want to eat more natural and forget about those fast foods or maybe you just want to work for a restaurant where Greek food is served; in any of those cases a culinary art course will help you fulfill your dream.

Maybe you are a person who is too busy to try all those recipes in the cookbook and just want to know everything without experimenting; in this case, a culinary art course is just perfect for you. If you ever have the opportunity to learn how to prepare good and healthy food take advantage of it and you will not regret it: any knowledge is useful.

Call Capture is Helping Real Estate Brokers Go Virtual

With the real estate market in its current state, reducing costs while maintaining productivity is high on broker’s lists. One of the ways that they are doing that is to go virtual. It is a decision that makes sense for many. The technology available today makes it possible for brokers to cut costs and still run a productive and lucrative business by getting rid of their office.

One of the major expenses for brokers is the brick and mortar office space. With agents being the mobile professionals that they are the office space is often not utilized enough to justify the overhead. Real estate is a face to face business. If an agent is sitting around the office, then they are not out doing business.

If a broker no longer has a brick and mortar location, the issue of communications will be one of the first things that needs to be addressed. Eliminating the physical location also eliminates the central office number where all of the agents could be reached. As well, voice mails, emails and faxes no longer have a destination where they can be accessible to the agents.

Technological advances, specifically in the telecommunications industry, makes going virtual a reality for brokers. If a broker would like to get rid of their brick and mortar location, they will need to give their agents the tools they need to keep productive while maintaining a unified professional image. This means a professional phone number to give to their clients and prospective clients and access to voicemail and faxes while on the go. And at the same time, a broker needs to be able to keep their finger on the pulse of their business.

The technology that is going to make the virtual office a reality for a broker is a virtual telephone number that uses call capture technology. By using call capture technology the broker is able to accomplish a number of things:

  • Present a unified professional image for the brokerage. A virtual number will give the broker one telephone number where all of their agents can be reached even though they are not in an office. Callers will be able to choose from a number of options presented to them by the automated attendant that has been personalized for the brokerage. They can be forwarded to an agent and/or have access to property listing information. A call capture system uses call forwarding technology that will track the agent down at their location, and the caller will never know that they have been redirected to another number. As well, the toll free number that comes with the call capture system can receive calls as well as faxes which means agents only have to give out one number for both.
  • Give agents access to voicemail and faxes while on the road. Call capture systems will forward voice mails and faxes to an email address or store them online for later retrieval by the agent. They can also have their voice mails played to them over the phone or even transcribed and sent to an email address.
  • Capture all incoming calls. Call capture virtual telephone systems use toll free numbers. Just one of the advantages of using a toll free number is that they are able to capture the caller ID of all incoming calls. Because the call is being paid for by the broker, they have a right to know who is calling – even if the number is blocked or unlisted. Often times, call capture systems will also include a name and address of the caller.
  • Track advertising efforts of their agents. Using informational extensions on the call capture system agents can create recordings on properties or even offer free reports to prospective clients. The goal of these recordings is to inform the callers while generating leads for the agent. These informational recordings are mirrored into other extensions so that the agents can have the same recording in multiple extensions and advertise the different extension numbers in multiple advertisements. For example, an agent records information about a property that they are representing on Elm Street in extension 100. That recording is copied into extensions 200, 300, and 400. The agent then advertises that property on the sign rider, in a homes magazine, online and on a flier. When the caller dials into the toll free number and presses the extension found in their ad, they are taken to that specific recording while the agent captures their phone number and what extension they called on. Looking at reports generated by the system, it will be obvious which ad was pulling in the leads and which was not based on how many times an extension was entered.
  • Manage leads coming into the brokerage. Because the broker can maintain administrative control over the call capture system, they are able to see all incoming calls, generate reports, get copied on call notifications and more. As leads come into the system the broker can be notified. They can keep note of the leads coming in, make sure those leads are being followed up on, and/or distribute the leads to agents themselves.

For a broker thinking about going virtual there are a number of things to be considered. At the top of that list will be how to make it possible for their agents to keep up communications with their clients while maintaining a unified professional image for the brokerage and keeping their finger on the pulse of their business. A call capture system will allow them to do all of those things at the smallest fraction of the cost of the office space they were renting.

Laptop Wireless Internet – The Trend of the 21st Century

One of the hottest technology trends in today’s society is wireless Internet for laptops. The laptop computer was developed for portable use, using the very same concept and functionality as a Desktop. Ever since its inception, wireless Internet has been used more and more mainly due to its reliability, accessibility and simplicity. For an incredible combination, all you have to do is connect your laptop to the Internet using a wireless device. Apart from that, connection nowadays is a snap using the various options available.

In order to gain advantage through this valuable service with your laptop, it’s going to have to be wireless Internet enabled. Virtually all currently made laptop computers are usually set up for wireless Internet plus most will come supplied with a wireless Internet card.

A wireless Internet router is the center of your home wireless network and is the easiest way to connect your laptop to the Internet. Simply stated, your router receives the broadband cable or DSL signal from your modem, and then broadcasts it wirelessly throughout your house. The antenna on your laptop then picks up the signal and voila! Wireless Internet!

Routers are becoming more and more sophisticated as technology advances. Increased security on newer models will help keep out any unauthorized attempts to connect to your network.

Looking at the latest technology we can see that Wi-Fi has completely transformed communications networks. WiFi is one of the more frequent options for computer users to get on to the Internet without plugging in a modem to a phone line. This type of wireless Internet access is called a hot spot whereby radio waves are transmitted via a LAN or Local Area Network and not through wires.

This makes it possible for you to access high speed Internet via various hot spots all over the country. Some, such as those in bars, cafes and coffee houses, tend to be free to use, whereas different places including stations and air terminals usually charge. Imagine being able to access wireless internet on your computer not just in your local cafe, but anywhere you go: in the park, on the bus, and any room of any house.

A broadband Internet connection is preferred for a wireless connection as it provides better speed for Internet browsing. High speed broadband wireless Internet for laptops will in most cases utilize Wi-Fi technology. If this technology is all new to you, just consider what’s important to you in terms of price, download speed, download limits etc., and then do some comparison shopping with various Internet Service Providers. It’s quite possible that if you are already with an ISP then they may have a plan that covers all you need.

Without wireless Internet for laptops, in the information age, there is really no reason to have a laptop at all. Wherever the laptop or computer is located, there will be nearly always an effective way to get on the internet. And keep in mind that all this technology is only going to get better in time.

Technology Management Is Essential in Today’s Business Environment

Say the words “technology management”, and some people have a look of puzzlement on their faces – they have no idea what the term means. Basically, technology expertise follows the same course as other strategies applied in the workplace in order to further the success and sustainability of a company or organization: Planning, organizing, staffing, implementing and monitoring/evaluation. The one difference is that in technology management, you add the “technology” factor to the mix.

Nearly every individual today knows that technology is meant to make life simpler and more streamlined. Today, information technology management allows companies to make their business more competitive by utilizing available information technology resources. Corporations and companies of all sizes benefit through information technology management, as managers and business owners discover effective ways to utilize technology so that the operation and standing of the company is improved in a competitive business environment. Technology management is necessary in all divisions, including marketing and communications, development of products, process innovations and reporting efficiency. Through these strategies, companies are able to create value and remain competitive with a cutting-edge advantage.

Information technology management can be useful in all levels of business, from online websites and internal business functions to management of daily activities in the workplace. In the corporate environment, information technology expertise assists owners and managers in determining the markets they choose to operate in. Most businesses today have an online presence in the form of a website; those in technology management can set up such a presence, making ordering materials and other goods easier and efficient. In any business setting, forecasting production and projecting sales is essential; information technology also becomes useful in this sense, since many companies use software to create this data.

In any type of technology management, it is essential that an individual or team take responsibility for implementing and developing strategies that are functional, efficient and designed to make the everyday tasks of business easier and more efficient. At this point, efficient technology management requires that employees and management understand how these processes work, and how to use them in the most productive manner. In today’s business environment most tasks, communications and projects are made simpler due to the ease of transfer of information between departments and individuals. This means that good technology expertise often does away with time-wasting, needless activities that essentially cost the company money.

In the workplace, it’s easy for productivity and efficiency to suffer; time necessary to complete tasks and projects can be drastically reduced, resulting in an impact to the bottom line. Good technology expertise often results in an improvement in all aspects of business, including finance, accounting, research and development and human resources. Various software applications, programs and computers increase the productivity of individual employees, making many processes automatic, accurate and more efficient. In order to remain competitive in the business environment and stand apart from direct competitors, efficient technology management is an essential investment.

Alternative Or Private Student Loans?

That’s why alternative or private student loans are necessary. However, it is important to understand what these types of loans are in order to benefit the most out of them.
Understanding Alternative Student Loans or Private Student Loans will help you wholly finance your college expenses.

Private student loans are not simply for those starting college studies. There are private student loans for undergraduate students, for parents, for graduate and professional students and special loans for helping people to continue with their education. Each loan type is customized to meet the needs of the niche it is meant for and thus, the applicant does not have to make sacrifices in order to repay the loan.

Student Loans For Undergraduate Students

This loan type provides financing for those who attend at least half time to undergraduate colleges, technical and trade schools providing undergraduate titles. These loans provide all the funds needed for college tuition, studying material, accommodation on campus, and many other expenses associated with college life. Even previous college or school fees can be cancelled with the money obtained from these alternative private student loans.

Graduate Level Students Loans

These loans are meant for student undergoing graduate level careers like medicine, law, engineering, etc. They provide higher amounts due to the credit intensive nature of these careers but the uses are basically the same: tuition, transportation, accommodation, purchasing studying material, personal computers, notebooks, practicing equipment, etc.

These loans are provided only to people studying professional careers at participating colleges. Therefore, you need to check first if the university you are planning to attend to is registered on the lenders’ database. Most young students will be required to provide a co-signer in the US territory in order to obtain approval unless they work while studying and can provide proof of income and a good credit history.

Parent Financing

Just like with PLUS loans, private student loans for parents or alternative college loans for parents provide funds to aid parents with the costs of paying for their children education. These loans can be used for the same purposes as the above student loans and the sole difference is that the parent’s credit and income will be evaluated instead of the student’s. Yet, just like with student loans for graduate or undergraduate students, the application can be cosigned by the student, one or more parents or other borrower to increase chances of approval and boost the chances of obtaining better terms.

Solutions for Part Time Students

For part time students there are also financial solutions from the private sector. The applicant needs also to study at a participating school or college. These loans are usually known as continuing education student loans and provide similar conditions as the rest of the above loan products but are specially tailored for this category of students and for non-traditional students too.

More importantly, these loans also provide deferment which implies that you will not have to start repaying the loan till after graduation or conclusion of the courses (just like with undergraduate and graduate student loans). However, if the student ceases to be enrolled in the school or educational institution, the repayments will also begin six months after that termination.

Home Schooling Facts

For those of us who have a personal experience with home schooling it has proved to be the best choice of education we could have made. The pros far outweigh the cons. In today’s world where personal transportation and the internet are pretty much available to everyone, outside stimulation is readily available.

Lets take a look at some of these facts.

1. The advantages of home schooling:

There can be no greater advantage of HS than the family bonds that are built and strengthened. Just think of the sibling and parental bonding that can be built in an atmosphere of constructive education. The flexible curriculum is another positive. For instance the education experience can be made to fit the individual childs needs. You are not locked into a one size fits all. Your child can be allowed to grow in the strengths he already has.

2. What are the disadvantages of home schooling.

If both parents are already working outside of the home then the loss of one the incomes can be a partial financial set back. In times like these it just might take two incomes to make ends meet. However, it won’t hurt to sit down with a budget and find out where exactly the money is going. You just might find out that the loss of one net income won’t put that much of a financial crunch on the budget.

3. Is your family a home schooling family?

Most families that home school are looked at as conservative right wing religious types. Or, back woods rustics who don’t trust anything that the government does. But as you dig into the facts you find that HS cover a wide demographic range. They come from all walks of life. They live in every part of the country. They are involved in every occupation there is. They are just plain people who have decided not let the government take charge of one of the most important steps in their child’s development.

4. What are the social aspects of home schooling?

What about the “Real World”, is the question usually asked of parents who are looking to home school there children. How will they know how to accept and get along with a racial and ethnic divergent society? After all in public education they are (rightly so) tossed together for the public good. I don’t believe race or ethnicity should ever be a barrier to living. But, I do believe that misbehaved, unbehaved, need some parental counseling and the public school system will not allow this. Consequently your young child 5 – 6, boy, girls starts coming home with words and actions that your family does not find acceptable. Your child does not have to learn or be confronted with ill behaved non controlled (bad kids) in the early development stages.

I hope this brief bit of information will kick start your asking more questions on whether home schooling is right for your family. And, that you will make the sacrifice and take the time and effort to do it.

Custom Home Entertaining in Style and Comfort

Your home entertainment centers and theaters probably got a much-needed injection of excitement following the holidays. Did you score a new curved or 3 – D television in December? How about a new Blu – Ray box collection of your favorite series? Was a new stereo system under the tree this year? Improving your home entertainment options is a go – to plan for many during the holidays, but now you’re stuck in a conundrum. You have all the fixings for a great home entertainment system, but your entertainment center is seriously left wanting.

It’s kind of like getting an original Matisse but without a frame or a wall to mount it on. Before you invite everyone over for a lazy January weekend of watching movies or binging on Netflix, make sure your home is hospitable. A customized entertainment center, hutch for the theater room or cabinetry to house those box sets is a must. It ties everything together and makes the difference between a “room where all your movie accoutrements are” and a bona fide entertainment center.

Now That’s Framing!

Martin Scorsese isn’t the only one who knows a thing or two about framing – so do you. Your new television deserves a center worthy of its glory. However, it’s going to be tough to find a quality entertainment center that’s perfectly designed for all your needs. Maybe you have a freakishly large collection of video game consoles or want very specific shelving dimensions to house all of your DVDs. The only way to get exactly what you want (and to ensure it looks great in the process) is to customize.

As an added bonus, you can hand pick the type of wood, paint or stain that complements the rest of the room. Add in a matching cabinet or series of coffee tables to tie everything together. Want a personalized gaming table perfect for poker in between marathons sessions of Scandal? Anything’s possible when the work is done to your specifications.

An Evening at the Theater

Why spend $12 a pop for a movie ticket, and then get gouged by popcorn and soda prices when you can have it all in the comfort of your home? A genuine theater system complete with one of a kind seating pays for itself when you consider the cost of the theater these days. As an added bonus, you can kit out the room with a kitchen suite where all your favorite treats are an arm’s reach away. It’s what a night at the theater is supposed to be.

January is ideal for entertaining at home, especially now that you have all of those holiday gifts to enjoy. Many people are surprised by how affordable home entertainment centers can be – and how quickly they can be built and installed. In fact, you can create a veritable “love nest” of a theater room in time for Valentine’s Day. Order a few classic DVDs like Casablanca or Roman Holiday and you’ll have all the fixings you need for the most romantic year ever.

Care for a bonus? Add in a custom fireplace and mantel to the entertainment center for the ultimate date night hotspot.

Relationship of Environmental Science With Business Management

To understand the importance and usefulness of MBA in Environmental Management, there is a need to first learn what environmental management is? It is a branch of science, which deals with the different elements of environment and managing the resources in order to keep a balance between those elements. It is very important to protect our environment.

There are a countless businesses in the world, which involve production of almost each and every commodity of human use. Unfortunately production these things, is causing damage to our natural environment, which is very dangerous for our survival. For example, smoke of factories pollutes the whole surrounding environment therefore causes serious diseases. Timber business is causing non repairable damage to forests all around the globe. Besides these examples, almost every business is contributing towards environmental pollution, somehow or the other.

A need was felt to develop an infrastructure which should analyze and devise ways and means to avoid damage to environment. Keeping this in view an exclusive study program was developed known as MBA in Environmental Management.

Purpose and Scope

MBA in this field is designed to produce professionals who understand business, its effects on environment and managing the whole thing. A person with background knowledge of environmental science can step into business community by undertaking this masters degree program.

Course Outline

Following major subjects are incorporated in MBA Environmental Management.

• Business Science
• Accounting
• Auditing
• Waste Management
• Environmental Chemistry
• Environmental Assessment
• Communication Skills

Environmental Science with Business Management is an excellent combination which provides better understanding of worst effects of business over environment. Professionals in this field can be very helpful in making the environment clean.

Career Prospect

Holder of MBA can be offered any of the following jobs in industry:

• Waste Management Supervisor
• Environmental Technologist
• Field Waste Characterization Specialist
• Waste Water Treatment Engineer
• Solid Waste Director