Don’t Buy Hyaluronic Acid Skin Products Unless They Do This

By | June 5, 2023

If you are like me, then you probably want to make sure you get the best hyaluronic acid skin products possible. This is exactly why I took the time to do the necessary research on the subject BEFORE I chose which hyaluronic acid skin products I wanted to use. After reading this article, you will know exactly what to look for in a quality HA skin solution.

So first of all, what is the big attraction about HA anyways? Well, HA is a substance found in all of your skin cells and it’s primarily responsible for retaining moisture. In fact, HA can retain about 1,000 times it’s weight in water. It also helps increase viscosity and reduce permeability of extracellular fluid, regulates tissue repair and inflammatory response, and contributes to the mechanical resilience and suppleness of the skin.

Have you ever heard of collagen and elastin before? These are the structural proteins in your skin that determine how firm and elastic it stays and they make up a large amount of your skin matrix. The rest of this matrix consists of HA, which acts as a filler between these proteins- similar to the role that mortar plays when constructing a brick building. HA provides mechanical cushioning, holds moisture, enhance barrier function, and so forth.

When buying hyaluronic acid skin products, it is important to understand which methods to use in order to keep the level of this substance high in your skin. Some of the products on the market today use untested or unproven methods of increase HA in the skin just because they seem like effective solutions so choosing carefully is key.

Don’t even waste your time with hyaluronic acid skin products that actually contain HA as an actual ingredient. This is the most common type of HA skin care product out right now, but that doesn’t mean that any of them are worth getting. Only minimal amounts of HA can even penetrate through your skin’s epidermis, and large-sized molecules of it can even suppress your immune system and inflammatory response.

Instead, it’s much safer to just use hyaluronic acid skin products that stop the degradation of this important cellular substance. How? By inhibiting the activity of the enzyme that constantly breaks down HA, hyaluronidase. Ingredients like Japanese Wakame extract do this very well without introducing foreign HA molecules to the body. As a result, your skin will become much more supple and plump making it much harder for wrinkles and fine lines to develop (and become permanent).